Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CG Supervision Reader Poll: What do you do and who supervises you?

Hello readers.  I'd like to know something about you so I can write for you a little better.

Will you tell me what roles you currently play or played in your most recent job? 
And will can tell me who supervises you or supervised you in the job?

Poll closes in July 18th. 


Unknown said...


5 years later, and the first response to your question.

Thanks for writing this blog, it is by far the best guide to CG Supervising I could find on the web. As a cg guy working in South Africa it is hard to get mentorship under experienced Supervisors as the industry is pretty new here.

I am preparing for my first job as a cg supervisor, I have been a departmental supervisor before (animation and previs) on the animated movie Khumba, and throughout my career have been a generalist.

Thanks again for writing you thoughts and sharing your experience here I am finding this blog extremely helpful.

Kind Regards
Kane Croudace