Friday, July 17, 2009

#0016 CG Supervisor: open to the creative spark

Hello readers. As I said a day or two ago, I've some ideas rattling around in my head to share about Computer Graphics Pipeline design and maintenance. By coincidence, I stumbled upon a masters thesis on the subject, and would like to compare notes. This bit of serendipity, or "luck" as some call it, just dropped in my lap, I cannot recall from where.

This put in my mind how computer graphics can be like this, and you will benefit if you can be open to the unforeseen. This means encouraging artists to show you the strange and unexpected results of tests gone "bad". You might not care to use the knowledge now, but it could help you later. For instance, having seen the result of the "bad" test or take before, you could help another artist diagnose and fix the problem today. Having seen it before, you could apply it as an artistic stylization or effect for a new project's design.

High Voltage Sparks Over and Through Red LED 3/3Image by SCholewiak via Flickr

This spirit of openness supports what I was saying in an earlier post about being flexible. Sometimes we can allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed or pressed by the schedule. At such times it becomes very difficult to look at off-track but interesting work; to listen to imaginative suggestions of your staff; to be open to fresh ideas. Perhaps this is when we need to be MOST diligent about keeping the lines of communication open; most careful to encourage the artistic expression --while keeping every eye focused on the prize. Thirty seconds of attention to an artist can save you a great deal in ways you may not see. A minute of time can make an artist feel better about your relationship, their job, and the work you do. That can be priceless motivation. Put another way, an artist seeking to engage you into their imagination is an artist engaged in his work and engaged with excitement for his job.

In your press for the goal keep your eye on the prize AND keep your eyes open for the unexpected, the fortuitous, the special spark of imagination. It could be your next inspiration.