Saturday, July 25, 2009

#0017 Back in the Blog Spot: Reader Feedback, Hot books

Cypress swampImage by Elizabeth Buie via Flickr
Hello readers!

Back from the Bayou
I'm back after a short trip to LOUISIANA to discuss vfx supervising some films there.

Louisiana wants to attract more film business and unlike my lovely and great home state it is backing it up with tax incentives and such. Sort of put me in mind of my blog #0014 Labor Issue: Part 3, The Satellite Office.

Great place. Climate was unseasonably cool and dry, but the weather began getting warmer and wetter the day I left. The crayfish gumbo was swee-eet.

Saw a really beautiful swamp, reminded me of the work I did at FLIGHT 33 for The Universe: Alien Faces (YouTube video at end of blog). Wish I'd seen it before. No time to go through the swamp on an air boat. Forgot my camera anyway. Next time.

Bull Shark - postcrossingImage by Alhazred via Flickr

By the way, I was told there are BIG sharks in the local bayou --and not the nice kind either. Aggressive Bull sharks. Maybe someone was having one on me, but it appears to be true. Plus your run of the mill gators, snakes and such.

A Reader Writes
This from reader CHAD FOX:
Your blog, the art of cg supervision, was passed on to me the other day and I just want to say thank you for writing it.
I am a Visual effects CG artist working towards becoming a CG supervisor and you have offered up the very thoughts, principles and knowledge that I have seen in so few of my own supervisors. One great point was made about not considering the Human factor!! I can't say enough about how true I think that is and have tried and failed to convey this idea into every supervisor I come across who does not take it into account. Morale and motivation HUGELY effects production at the artist level. A team can get two to ten times as much done if they are motivated and happy compared to when they are frustrated and unmotivated. I find frustration and lack of motivations comes to us when the same old problems continuously cropping up and no one above you seems to be learning from the mistakes.
Thanks Chad for your feedback. It really helps motivate me to know readers find a resonance here. Chad also flagged my broken comments link, which is now fixed, so I hope to hear from more readers soon.

Keeping Up With My Reading
At any given time I'm reading about a half dozen books. Which means to say I'm bouncing between books as my attention wanders. Right now I'm reading a few I hope to digest for you in the near future and make relevant to our work as cg supervisors:
  • The Art of Innovation - The IDEO design studio innovation methodology.
  • The Art of the Storyboard - Techniques and tipsfor making better boards and developing skills. Somewhat basic, but one of few I've found on the subject.
  • Tools for Teams - Alternative ways to organize the crew
What books are you getting into?
Drop a comment on this message
What are you reading that inspires you creatively?
What are you reading that will help you in your job?

My PipesImage by ifyr via Flickr
On My Mind
VFX PIPELINES are still very much on my mind. It will take about a 10 part series to cover the material, and needs to be all written together to make it flow, so bear with me please. I am still also reading a master's thesis on the subject that may effect my take, the first part has been interesting reading. If you have any thoughts on pipeline design in CG/VFX production, please email me at VFX pipelines .

I'm also looking at alternative ways we can organize and manage our staff to get the work done. If you have any thoughts or experience with non-heirarchical work teams in CG/VFX production, please email me at CG Work groups.

Thanks again for dropping in for a little reading
and remember, B Y O Java.