Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#0025 Join the CG Supervisors Network

Networking is all about sharing information, and while this blog allows me to share my views on CG Supervision and readers to comment, I felt more interaction would be helpful to us all. So I started thegroup, the CG Supervisors Network.

The group provides a networking forum for professional CG Supervisors (anyone supervising CG workers) to exchange ideas, techniques, discuss supervisory issues and become friends.

While there are many other CG groups and the Visual Effects Society has a group, I felt a group dedicated to the needs and interests of CG supervisors, CG producers, CG coordinators and
those providing services to the managers of the CG process and pipelines, would be useful. I looked at posts on the other sites and thought about this for a long time, because I didn't want to duplicate or compete. I believe that this group will be a great place for us to get to know, like and trust one another --and to help one another find solutions.

As a CG supervisor who built and managed a CGFX department, I know that in some respects the job can be isolating. If you are a CG supervisor at a large house, there may be peers at your level you can network with. But mostly, you're either someone's supervisor or someone's subordinate.

Discussing workplace issues with subordinates is usually a poor idea, unless you're consulting or mentoring. And there are some things you don't want to discuss with your boss. Hooking up with peers who understand the challenges you face and have similar problems --professional colleagues --is the best answer.

I hope that my readers will join this group and get involved. Post your stories and questions. Let's discuss the stuff we can't really talk about in other forums.

The logo is a right triangle in perspective colored to represent the RGB axis. It's a reminder to me that all CG Pipelines have three dimensions: labor, technology and procedure and a reminder also of the three types of CG pipelines: production, materials, and approval.

And have fun!