Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Hey everyone...
Been swamped this week chasing the coin of the realm and haven't moved on to the next installment.  Wanted to mull over and organize my thoughts before I shifted into gear.  When I kick my ideas onto the back burner, my subconscious works in odd ways. Eventually something else, often seemingly unrelated, sparks my motor.
I've been updating my personal literature and demos and I slapped together a quick website because I wasn't happy with how my videos were being presented.

Tomorrow I have to re-edit some demos, to narrow my focus more tightly and sharpen the axe.  Always a fun job, because being objective about one's work is a challenge.
Perhaps I will do an article about the labor situation.  Would that be of interest to readers?  Perhaps you can send me your thoughts and experiences. I was talking with a friend tonight, and he says unemployment in the Los Angeles area is about 20 percent.  Add the unofficially unemployed, like freelancers who can't claim benefits, and it could jump another 5 percent to 25% -or more.
Enough about me ....  In a few days I can get back to talking about pipelines.


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Metropolis - Der Maschinen-Mensch/Maria

    What's coming up : 
    more about pipelines!

Building and managing the pipeline is integral to our jobs as CG supervisors.  I've a few more articles planned in the formal pipeline series.

Then, we'll branch out in other directions, but I assure you, pretty much most articles will be related in some way to the CG pipeline triumvirate: production, data and approval. 

Here is a loose outline of the rest of the CG pipeline series, which I may, strike that, will rearrange as inspiration takes hold....

1.    Production Pipelines
a.    Forms of production pipelines
b.    Production pipeline design considerations
c.    1st: personnel
d.    Your production tools
e.    Give your pipeline an Energy Boost
f.    Essential production procedures
g.    Managing the production pipeline
h.    On the fly : pipeline 911
2.    Data pipelines - cover your assets
a.    Data pipeline software tools
b.    Data pipelines without software investment
c.    Traffic control
d.    Can this work be outsourced?
3.    The Approval pipeline - Where the job lives or dies
a.    More than approvals: command and control
b.    Empowering users
c.    Essentials of Command & Control applications
d.    Available free tools
e.    Pay as you go - Outsourcing the software
Thanks for tuning in now and then!

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