VFX Pipelines Defined

Seven Point Functional Description
of Visual Effects Pipelines
  1. A VFX pipeline belongs to one of three classes: 
    1. production  (task)            primary
    2. material      (data)           secondary
    3. approval     (meta-data)   tertiary

  2. A VFX pipeline is comprised of four structural dimensions: 
    1. leadership
    2. personnel
    3. tools 
    4. methods

  3. A VFX pipeline utilizes technology but is not the technology

  4. A VFX pipeline divides a work-flow into separate and meaningful tasks assigned to two or more persons

  5. A VFX pipeline tasks divisions are determined using a tree of specialization across the three dimensions

  6. The VFX pipeline structural form is dictated by 
    1. the functional mission,
    2. resources available and 
    3. company culture

  7. A VFX pipeline is malleable