Friday, April 2, 2010

#0032 Designing Digital Effects Pipelines - call for reader's feedback

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This post first appeared as a discussion item in the CG Supervisors' Network, by Isa Alsup, 2 April 2010.

Reader responses can be posted here as comments or as comments to the original discussion at CG Supervisors' Network.  We are looking for published materials we can research and cite. 

For some time now in my blog, The Art of CG Supervision, I've been writing about digital effects pipelines. A reader has written looking for more:

Looking for more information on designing the Digital Effects Pipeline

" I am doing a research the new/improved animation production pipeline. I found really interesting material at your blog and I was wondering if you could help me by suggesting papers, articles or any e-books for further study." Giorgi [Greece]

Other than my column and the masters thesis written by Mr. Dane Bettis in 2005 (see below) I've come across nothing very formal. Anyone else come across any articles on the subject?


Alsup, Isa A.
"The Art of CG Supervision", blog discussing issues in Computer Graphics and Digital Effects management, with a series on pipelines.
Bettis, Dane Edward "Digital production pipelines: examining structures and methods in the computer effects industry", Texas A&M University, , 2005; A useful examination of the digital pipeline with specific examples of pipeline structures.


Anonymous said...

There is a recently published book by Renee Dunlop, Production Pipeline Fundamental.