Thursday, October 15, 2009

#0028 More on Twitter for Collaboration


I proposed using Twitter for collaboration in my last post, #0027, "Using Social Networking".  After writing the blog, I jumped onto LinkedIn groups and asked for feedback.   This is one of the ways I was suggesting we can use social networking tools: to get and give information.

Results were quick.  LinkedIn VES group member (and former colleague and friend) Torey Alvarez called our attention to Twitter's beta test new business oriented service, CoTweet.

This service has a rich feature set to help business users.  These would also make its use as a collaboration tool within a VFX company even more powerful.  I'm not going to do their marketing job for them, but I suggest you can follow them@cotweet or visit the homepage at

I'm not yet using this service, but I will give it a thorough check out.  
In the meantime, please drop me a Tweet to tell me you're reading 
--and what cool stuff you're working on now. 

Also, check this out:

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